What is Dar al-Rahma?

Dar al-Rahma is an independent educational institute driven voluntarily by students in Denmark and Jordan. Our foundation is classical sunni-islam and our primary focus is the rational and spiritual sciences as they traditionally have been defined through Islamic history. We arrange tuition in Jordan and Denmark, and offer various online courses.

What does Dar al-Rahma mean?

Dar al-Rahma is an Arabic phrase and can be translated as The house of Mercy. Mercy is an essential term in Islam. Our overall conceptual framework is that Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him, is a mercy to mankind. It is our duty as Muslims to be beneficial to all mankind and at a broader perspective to the whole of creation.

Activities (will be updated in English soon)

  • Den Islamiske Overbevisning

    Gennem undervisningen vil du lære din grundlæggende og obligatoriske islamiske overbevisning ('aqida) at kende, du vil få værktøjer til at praktisere den i din dagligdag samt blive bedre i stand til at præsentere din overbevisning. Læs mere på Overbevisning.dk
    BEMÆRK: Dette undervisningsforløb er slut.

  • #RADAMADAN2016

    Hver søndag i Ramadan vil vi gennemgå uddrag af Imam al-Ghazalis kendte værk "Ihya 'ulum al-din". Her vil vi bl.a komme ind på de indre aspekter og spirituelle dimensioner af fasten, etiketten (ādāb) for Koran-recitation mm. Læs mere på rahma.dk/ramadan
    BEMÆRK: Dette undervisningsforløb er slut.

Contact us

If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at: info@rahma.dk